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Benefits of Alternative Investment Platform

Our mission is to seek out experienced, proven, yet undiscovered hedge fund managers for alternative investment allocators, and to maintain a commitment to our principles of integrity, discipline and excellence. We have a differentiated offering compared to other alternative investment firms through a unique structure that allow investors to create a fully customized portfolios by selecting hedge fund managers on our platform. Our unique framework has created what we believe to be a sustainable organization aligned in partnership with our investors. Typical investors or wealth advisers lack the scale, bandwidth, and expertise of investing in hedge funds, and thus imply that there is a problem in offering quality hedge funds to their clients. This creates a role for us, serving as a conduit between the hedge fund and investment community, and serving as a specialized alternative investment firm to create customized hedge fund portfolios for high net worth individuals.  

Hedge Fund Due Diligence

Many RIA advisers don't have the internal team to conduct proper due diligence.  We perform investment, operational and legal due diligence on the hedge fund managers, and maintain proper due diligence documents and research reports that investors can rely on when making investment decisions.  In addition, we constantly search for high quality managers to be added to our platform. Investment professionals perform both initial and ongoing due diligence of all of the hedge funds on our platform.

Investment Minimums

For RIAs to invest directly in hedge fund managers or to create a fund-of-funds vehicle, they have to consider the investment minimums as most of the hedge funds have $1 million, $5 million or $10 million minimum investments.  This implies that if you create a fund-of-funds portfolio with 10 to 20 managers, you need at least $10 to $20 million of investable assets to create a well diversified portfolio.  By utilizing our platform, you can pick and choose any of our hedge funds (minimum of $100,000 per manager) and invest as low as $500,000 as an investor.

Single Layer of Shared Fees

By investing with us, we do not charge overlay fee and can provide services at much less cost than other alternative investment firms.  Typically, investors pay 2% management and 20% performance fees for allocating to hedge funds on our platform.

Consolidated Statements and K-1

Our unique structure, which is created through our top quality administrator, SS&C Technologies, allows us to closely monitor each investor's account and offer consolidated statements. Investors will receive one statement per month, which shows account and performance information of the portfolio. In addition, we also offer a consolidated K-1 to all of our investors that utilize our platform. This helps alternative investment allocators to easily handle their client accounts instead of collecting K-1 statements for each investors.

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